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Bubble Special Effects C17 SFX: wedding, parade, fashion


They offer a great visual effect, and bring us back to our childhood ,when we would/used to blow (air) into a small plastic round after dipping it in soapy water. The basic technique actually remains the same, though it has been adapted to professional use, thanks to special liquids and automatic bubbles machines.

Standard Bubbles » : Our powerful machines produce a huge amount of bubbles with amazing iridescent effect and can cover up large outdoors or indoors areas. Different sizes of bubbles are available.

Smoke Bubbles: It’s one of C17 special effects’ exclusivity. The bubbles are filled with smoke which gives an eerie effect amplified when the bubbles burst and release a small poetic cloud of smoke. It is ideal for high-end events (fashion shows, VIP parties …)

Edible bubbles: Surprise your guests with edible bubbles. They will have to catch them with their mouth in order to taste our various fruity flavors. Children will especially love it!