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Smoke special effects : CO2, Fog - C17 SFX


One of the great special effects classics, smoke can create a magical and impressive effect instantly. There are four types of smoke :

Heavy smoke or cooled smoke : This is very dense and very white smoke that sticks to the ground. It is ideal to carpet floors and create a slightly supernatural atmosphere. It is widely used in TV shows, events, musicals, product launches…

Fog or light marking : This is a light but persistent smoke, systematically used when we want to increase the effect of light, especially in concerts. But it is also widely used in filmmaking to create morning outdoor atmospheres for example.

Standard, uncooled smoke : It expands, can float in the air or fade just as quickly. It’s ideal for products launches, unveil apparitions …

Instant smoke or CO2 jet: These are thin jets of smoke that can be programmed in sequence to emphasize a movement, build momentum. The jets can go up to 3 meters high and vanish instantly.